Culmination of 45-Year Journey: Benjamin Zander and Boston Philharmonic Orchestra To Perform a “Revelatory” Beethoven’s Ninth

Carnegie Hall Concert and maestro’s enlightening pre-talk will be live streamed

Beethoven unleashed. Hear the composer’s Ninth Symphony like you never heard it before on Sunday, February 26, when renowned conductor Benjamin Zander leads the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in an orthodoxy-defying version of Beethoven’s Ninth, one of the most influential pieces of music ever written.  

One of the world’s foremost interpreters of Beethoven and Mahler, the concert marks the fulfilment of the maestro’s 45-year quest to finally answer the question “what did Beethoven intend, what did he hear in his mind.” 

Benjamin Zander

After nearly half a century researching and consumed by this monumental work, Zander has reached the apotheosis of his own thinking, one that reflects Beethoven’s explicit tempo markings and indications of pace. “I can be free to approach the music, as I am sure Beethoven would have done himself playing it on the piano, with unfettered abandon,” he says.

The maestro, whose TED Talk on the transformative power of classical music is now the most watched TED lecture on music with a combined 21 million views on TED’s platforms, recorded the Ninth in 2018 with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London. The Sunday Times said it “heaps revelation on revelation.”  Zander promises this concert will move the needle yet again as “a newly liberated interpretation.” 

Known for his enlightening pre-concert talks, Maestro Zander will discuss Beethoven’s Ninth and his interpretation in depth prior to the Carnegie Hall performance.  Info:


Venue:Carnegie Hall 
Date/Time:Pre-Concert talk: 1:30 PM  |  Concert: 3 PM – Both will be Live Streamed 
Program:Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony 
Performers:Maestro Benjamin Zander and the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra SoloistsTenor Nicholas PhanBaritone Alfred WalkerSoprano Liv RedpathChorus Pro MusicaMarsh Chapel Choir