Prominent rabbi shares his insight on how to clean and prepare fruits and vegetables

Hosted by MK, Canada’s Kosher Certifier , Rabbi Yossi Eisen,  was in Montreal for a whirlwind 48-hour visit to share his insights on how to clean and prepare fruits and vegetables.  He is a world-renowned expert in kashrus and hilchos tolaim,

“I was impressed with the comprehensive approach of MK and the strength of the organization’s leadership and commitment to ensuring Montrealers benefit from the highest quality of kosher food,” noted Rabbi Eisen. “At the same time I was overwhelmed by the interest in preparing fruits and vegetables in keeping with our traditions, from the students I met at the different schools to the impressive crowds at my public lectures.”

Rabbi Yossi Eisen world expert on infestation with Rabbi Berel Bell & Rabbi Saul Emanuel of MK – Canada Kosher

Rabbi Yossi Eisen is the chief administrator of the Five Towns Far Rockaway Kashrus agency in New York City. Rabbi Eisen is a world expert in the subject of Hilchos Tolaim and removing infestation from fruits and vegetables.

On Sunday evening Rabbi Eisen met with the rabbinical leadership of the Jewish Community Council and them made a multimedia presentation entitled “Tell the Bug to Bug Off to over 400 community members at the Montreal Torah Centre. The following afternoon over 250 attended a repeat performance at the Congregation Toldos Yakov Yosef Of Skver. In between the Rabbi met with students at different school  and provided a tutorial for 20 cooks at a private home in Côte Saint Luc.

“Our goal in inviting the Rabbi was to send out a positive message about the preparation of kosher food and the importance of following the rules and regulations that have been set to ensure the Kosher standards and well being of Jewish Montrealers,” explained Rabbi Saul Emanuel. “His dynamic and informative was a practical tutorial on how to identify and remove infestation.”

MK certifies over 850 companies across Canada, including close to 100 establishments, caterers and synagogues across the island of Montreal. MK Canada Kosher has eight  Rabbis from across the city who meet weekly and is known worldwide as a highly respected Kosher Certification agency