Evening of Musical Inspirations at Dorshei Emet April 3

Congregation Dorshei Emet in Hampstead will be hosting  a wonderful event on Friday April 3 with a Kabbalat Shabbat evening called Musical Inspirations.  which will be led by two of  members Olga Gross and Deborah Kraus. The former is a harpist and pianist with the  MSO and Ottawa Symphony;  the latter,  an opera singer.

“What better way to welcome the arrival of Shabbat than an evening of song?” asks Ms. Gross.   “We  will present musical arrangements of the Shabbat liturgy to transition us from the bustle of the week to a place of contemplation and renewal.

There will be a potluck dinner afterwards. Participants should  bring a vegetarian or dairy dish. They can also call the office for more information 514-486-9400 and RSVP to programdirector@dorshei-emet.org.


Author of book recounting his mother’s survival from The Holocaust wants to speak in Montreal

By Mike Cohen

Seven years after the death of his mother, Malka, Stanley A. Goldman traveled to Israel to visit her best friend during the Holocaust. The best friend’s daughter showed Goldman a pamphlet she had acquired from the Yad Vashem that documented activities of one man’s negotiations with the Nazi’s interior minister and SS head, Heinrich Himmler, for the release of the Jewish women from the concentration camp at Ravensbrück. While looking through the pamphlet, the two discovered a picture that could have been their mothers being released from the camp. Wanting to know the details of how they were saved, Goldman set out on a long and difficult path to unravel the mystery.

After years of researching the pamphlet, Goldman learned that a German Jew named Norbert Masur made a treacherous journey from the safety of Sweden back into the war zone in order to secure the release of the Jewish women imprisoned at the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Masur not only succeeded in his mission against all odds but he contributed to the downfall of the Nazi hierarchy itself. This amazing, little-known story uncovers a piece of history about the undermining of the Nazi regime, the women of the Holocaust, and the strained but loving relationship between a survivor and her son.

Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream: The Bargain That Broke Adolf Hitler and Saved My Mother is Goldman’s book about his mother

Montreal broadcaster Peter Anthony Holder, who continues to air his excellent online radio show The Stuph File, interviewed Goldman recently. You can hear the interview and the entire show at this link.

Holder told me that Goldman is eager to come to Canada to speak to interested groups.  Interested parties can email me at info@mikecohen.ca and I will forward the requests.


Bialik High School wins prestigious Weizmann Canada Physics Tournament

The Bialik High School team has won the  Weizmann Institute’s local Shalheveth Freier Physics Tournament, Weizmann Canada’s physics safe-cracking tournament.

The winning team members of the “Safe-Cracking” Competition yesterday are: Lola Arbeiter, Erin Burak, Zoe Dodson, Michael Gotlieb, Adam Greenstone, Ari Itovitch  and Eli Jacobson. The coaches: are Spencer Meltzer, class of 2015 and Zac Groszman, class of 2019. Gabriela Grosu gets credit for mentoring both teams.

The winning Bialik team.

Participating students formed teams of five and built safes that operate on the principles of physics. The students are then encouraged to use their physics knowledge and creativity to build a safe with a locking mechanism that is “uncrackable.”

Winning this local competition means that the Bialik team will be travelling to Israel to compete in the international tournament in March, at the Weizmann Institute of Science.  This tournament is part of Weizmann Canada’s commitment to helping nurture future scientists by stimulating the love of math and science at all levels.

The Bialik community is exceedingly proud of our student’s accomplishments in this extremely demanding and difficult competition. We wish them continued success as they travel to the international competition in Israel and represent our school on the world stage. Both Bialik teams represented our school with exceptional poise, knowledge and creativity.

Their dedication to the goals, their unwavering teamwork and respect for the process and each other are truly exemplary of the values of Bialik students.

Bialik also wants to congratulate its second team: Jesse Dym, Daniel Fishko, Emma Grover, Ben Murad, Taylor Sacks , Evan Schachter , and Jonathan  Lebensztajn Shahraban. The coaches were Sam Wein, class of 2018; and  Mica Buchbinder, class of 2018.