Ontario Keeping Thornhill Seniors Healthy, Active and Connected

MPP Laura Smith (pictured above), Member of Provincial Parliament for Thornhill, visited the Mintz Family Elderhome on Crestwood today, to make an important announcement alongside the Hon. Minister Raymond Cho and PA Daisy Wai. The Ontario government is investing our Thornhill seniors by funding $69,695 in three projects that will help seniors stay safe, fit, active, healthy, and socially connected across the community with Seniors Community Grants. “Age and disability should not be a barrier to happiness. This is why we continue to support non-profits, such as Reena, for the work they do for individuals who mean so much to our communities and families,” said MPP Smith. “Reena has been a strong presence in my riding, for over 20 years, and has continued to recognize and address the increased needs of individuals with developmental disabilities as they age. We support our not-for-profits, because they support us.”


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