Tubing event for Ellie White December 25 at Mont-Tremblant

By Alissa Anzarut

When the city shuts down on December 25, we know families are looking for something to do.  The Bialik  High School Foundation is organizing a fun family outdoor activity up-north to raise funds for Ellie White and to get the community together to play.  Join the Bialik community at Adventures Neiges for tubing and adventure at 11 am on Dec 25. Tickets are $30 for a two hour window. Tickets for Children aged  4 to 12 are $25.  Proceeds from the event will be donated to  the Ellie White campaign.

Ellie White underwent experimental treatment to combat Leukemia earlier this Fall in Columbus, Ohio as the hospital there was the only one to do this type of procedure. She had already undergone a bone marrow transplant in Montreal in February of 2019, but it did not work and her Leukemia came back on the first day of school this year. The family has asked for help to collect the $1,000,000 required to cover the cost of her treatment and we are all working hard to make sure the family gets there.

Pizza Pita to move into old Pizza Hut location

I used to love eating at the Pizza Hut location near the side entrance to Decarie Square, off Vezina. A number of years ago the place shut down and there has been no sign of life until very recently.

We can now tell you that the very popular kosher restaurant Pizza Pita will be relocating to that spot very soon. My sources tell me that Orange Café, situated at the other end of Decarie, was looking here as well.

Pizza Pit currently occupies a facility on Decarie which originally housed Tasty Food, until it moved across the street. It began operations in 1989 with a small location on Victoria Avenue, The family owned and operated business was started by two brothers, Chaim and Tzvi. As the success of the restaurant grew so did the need for a larger spot. This dream came to fruition in 2004 when they moved their restaurant location to the former Tasty Food locale. This location was a newly renovated three floor facility, including a party hall, an outdoor terrace and the first kosher drive-thru in the world! This expansion allowed Pizza Pita to cater to the vast needs of its guests.

They are proudly the largest kosher pizzeria located in Montreal,  with a MK Kosher certification by the Montreal Vaad Ha’ir. The menu goes beyond just pizza and pita, with a moo moo ice cream section, an extensive pasta bar, salad section, assorted fish selection and Mediterranean dishes.

Oh yes, another kosher restaurant will soon be taking the place of Ernie and Ellie inside Decarie Square. We hear it could be a new concept from the people who brought us Yakimono, the kosher sushi spot on Decarie near the Villa Maria Metro.

Good luck to them!

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