Walk4Friendship  planned for Old Port

Friendship Circle will be holding its  10th annual Walk4Friendship at the Old Port on Sunday, October 14. The 2k walk or 5k run attract hundreds of community members to come together in order to support friendship and inclusion for young people with special needs and raise important funds for the organization. 
This year, the goal is to raise $500,000 by organizing teams and reaching out to sponsors in the community. It is an exciting family-friendly walk, followed by a celebration promoting inclusion and friendship for young people with special needs. The celebration is coming along with food, drinks and fun activities such as interactive games, face painting, tattoos, caricature artists, virtual reality, axe throwing, and more! 
Moreover, like last year, La Grande Roue has generously partnered with the Friendship Circle and is offering  free rides on the ferris wheel for all participants following the festivities! 
The 2017 Walk4Friendship was a total success. It  raised $ 510,000for the organization and almost 1,000 people were there to celebrate. This year’s theme will be “Pure Friendship,”  celebrating the amazing friendship that the organization was able to create and empower for the special needs children and volunteers. 
The Walk4Friendship really means a lot to the organization and to  Family Support and Program Developer  Racheli Edelkopf.  “We’re so grateful and inspired to see the community come together to walk in support of friendship and inclusion for our special friends,” she said. ” This walk celebrates the unique abilities of each individual and the incredible affect of inclusive friendships!”

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