Solomon Schechter Academy student gives a boost to Mount Sinai

Grade 6 graduate and Student Council President, Jonah Blant,  from Solomon Schechter Academy began an initiative last year of collecting can tabs to donate. He recently made a trip to the Mount Sinai Hospital Center with his mom, Leah Berger, and Head of School Steven Erdelyi, to donate the tabs to Mount Sinai Auxiliary Coordinator, Barbara Schneider.

Barbara Schneider, Mount Sinai Auxiliary Coordinator; Steven Erdelyi, Solomon Schechter Academy Head of School; Jonah Blant, Solomon Schechter Academy Student Council President; and his mother, Leah Berger, Solomon Schechter Academy Parent and Federation CJA Director of Planning and Allocations.

Mount Sinai will receive money in return for the tabs, and will use that money to support the needs of the hospital. Jonah was able to use his mathematics skills to calculate how many tabs he had collected, without counting them one by one! He weighed the bag and did some division to figure out that, thanks to his fellow students at Solomon Schechter Academy, he had collected about 25,400 tabs!

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