Leitner Consulting For Seniors gives covers all of the bases for families

Amy Leitner has become a fabulous resource for children in need of placing and assisting their senior parents. Consider it one-stop shopping! One call to Amy and he will ensure to cover all of the bases,

Amy (far right) shown here with his mom and children.

Leitner Consulting For Seniors takes families overall picture in mind as his target market are the children. His business card reads “Liaise for children whose parents are transitioning into a residence.  My services are catered from the first red flag up to and including locating a Senior’s Residence. In other words, an elderly parent has passed and the other spouse is faced with being alone after many years of marriage – the children are concerned with isolation. I offer solutions that address those needs such as activities that I know of in their neighbourhood or connecting them with caregivers that I know and match their needs. I am also connected to drivers that can take them to medical appointments or activity centers.”

Amy is  also connected with an audio / visual monitoring company – where a child (or guardian) can view and speak to their parent “live” using a phone app. An emergency button can also be installed. There are possibilities for government reimbursement as well. If there is no choice but to find a senior’s residence,  he  can handle that as well.

Amy does not take any payment from third parties as is his intention to regard the needs of his clients only. He has other services as well and works as a portal depending on the situation.

Services Include:

– Solutions based on immediacy
– Planning and implementing enhanced living conditions
– Dealing with isolation
– Organizing activities
– Safe home environment
– Arranging for appropriate Care Givers
– Drivers for appointments
– Emergency medical systems
– Home based audio/visual monitoring system
– Establishing need for residence according to level of care, location and budget
– Offering the best suited available choices
– On sight evaluation of residence
– Never offering medical or financial advice to parent
– Confidentiality
– Additional services available according to mandate

For more information call Amy Leitner at 514-651-3499 or log on to  http://www.leitnerseniors.com.

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