Montreal Holocaust Museum hosts lecture: Seeking Justice After Genocide

The Montreal Holocaust Memorial Museum recently held a special event   in partnership with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and members of the Rwandan, Cambodian and Armenian communities.

The 10 speaker speakers (l to r): Irwin Cotler, Jean-Paul Nyilinkwaya, Nolsina Yim, Clint Curle, Lalai Manjikian, Jacques Rwirangira, Angeliki Bogiatji, Audrey Licup, Jeremy Maron, Fannie Lafontaine

Seeking Justice after Genocide was a bilingual and free event that took place  at the Museum. It highlighted the search for justice after the Genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda and   featured a keynote addresses from Fannie Lafontaine and Irwin Cotler

There was also a panel discussion featuring Nolsina Yim (Centre Khemara), Dr Lalai Manjikian ( Comité National Armenien du Québec), Audrey Licop ( Montreal Holocaust Museum),  and Jacques Rwirangira (Page Rwanda).

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